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Posted by Deirdre Gallagher on
Hi Cliff

Hope you are well?

Just contacting you on behalf of us the 3rd year and last of the HND students. We were wondering is the 02nd of June 2016 available for the week, for our end of year show?

Look forward to hearing from you soon

Posted by Judith Loder on
I've just tried to open Craig Jefferson's website and a window came up alerting me that the site contained malware and was unsafe to visit.
Could someone let him know...I don't know very much about such things but if it is a real threat , as opposed to some blunder I have made in accessing it he may want to remedy the situation rapidly
Posted by Jonathan BoatHouse Manager on
Good evening Cliff and Richard
confirming the hanging in The Boat House tomorrow. If you give me a call on 07902022044 if there are any issues. I'll be there from 9 a.m.

Could we also please have a price list for all the artwork?

Thanks in advance

Posted by Cheryl Bleakley on
Hi Cliff,

Happy New Year! We really enjoyed visiting the gallery before Christmas, and I look forward to hopefully having an exhibition with yourselves later in the year if that is possible.

I was just wondering if you have my large portraits in the Engine Room Gallery in storage and if it would be possible for me to collect (at least one) of them? It's the portrait from the series 'Unsung' of the musician Brendan Popplestone with the Jack Russell dog on his knee. I really appreciate you storing them until now and will arrange as soon as possible to collect the others.

Many thanks,

Cheryl Bleakley
Posted by Cheryl on
Hi! Sorry to hassle you! I spoke to you a couple of weeks ago about a painting Cliff is kindly storing for me at the Engine Room Gallery. It is a large portrait of musician Brendan Popplestone (with a Jack Russell on his knee). It was from the series of paintings entitled 'Unsung' You confirmed that it is there and a guy called Malachy is coming to pick it up if that is ok. Would you be able to measure it and let me know what size it is when you get the chance? He is keen to collect ASAP and wants to check it will fit in his car! Many thanks for your help.
Posted by Michael Weir on
Dear Engine Room

I wanted to get in touch to see if you have a show booked for this June and if there is potential for collaboration this June. If someone could give me a call on: 07791340654

Look forward to hearing from you

Michael Weir
Posted by john on
Hi there, I'm looking to meet up and discuss the possibility of doing a solo show at the gallery in the near future. Look forward to hearing from you, Thanks

John Robinson
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