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With the centenary anniversary of the end of World War I and also the 20th of The Good Friday Peace Agreement to be celebrated in 2018; Lise decided she would like to develop the concept of peace further following Phase I, (Psychedelic, Hitchcock Belfast) of her 3-year self-initiated programme, PEACE AND RECONCILE; which debuted with MLA endorsement at the Long Gallery, Stormont in 2016. By looking at the implications of ‘peace’ within a historical and cultural aspect of our joint history, Lise wanted to strip away the green and orange politics that divide us - and focus on what has unified our island traditionally.
Abandoned; Not Forgotten? is Phase II of the programme. This installation combines Lise’s photographic collection on an equal footing with the talents of Marie Therese, Jim and Paul. Visitors will have the opportunity to view Lise’s Donegal based works and enjoy listening to and reading original compositions created by Marie Therese and Jim and also the debut showing of a short film created by Paul/ Jim.
English is now the predominant language being spoken in Northern Ireland and Ireland; where once both the Irish and Ulster Scots languages were spoken fluently and their cultures endorsed as a way of life for centenaries by society north and south of the border.  
The remit for all four artists for this installation was to promote and embrace both traditions of our society’s cultures equally, and create an original body of work which they best felt answered the question;
The culture, heritage and language of our joint Irish and Ulster Scots history – is it abandoned; forgotten? The reply by all four was a resounding “NO”.
This installation has been endorsed by MLA Paula Bradley to be shown at The Long Gallery, Parliament BuildingsAnchor, Stormont, during the first two weeks of September this year.