The paintings in this exhibition chart the transformative power of art, in particular, painting, to heal mental illness.

 The images and processes involved in their creation are influenced, inspired and rooted in psychodynamic therapeutic practices.

 The artist studied Fine Art at Belfast Art College and completed a Masters in Art Psychotherapy at the Centre for Psychotherapy, Belfast. He now paints and works as a state registered Art Psychotherapist.

 He has exhibited in numerous group shows over the years but this is his first one-man exhibition.

 The processes used to create the images mirror many of the practices that were instrumental in healing the artist’s own mental illness.  Many of the works involve a process of applying paint, making an image, over-painting, then scraping, sanding or destroying the image, then repainting over this.

 A variety of implements and tools are used including hands, builders’ tools, industrial sander and flame gun.  Sometimes the canvas is left in a very delicate state before an image emerges.  Perhaps a metaphor for life and growth.