Chance and Necessity

All of the work in the show is pretty much the result of thinking-by-making - forming images around ideas and ideas round images as opposed to expressing or articulating predetermined concepts.

I worked in various media - from computer programming and digital printing - through assemblage and installation - to watercolour, oils and charcoal - sometimes allowing the particular medium to act in ways that are natural to it, capitalising on happy accidents (while tossing not-so-happy accidents in the bin) - sometimes applying will and skill to coax the work into shape - but always allowing time and space for work in one medium to suggest motifs and methods in another.

This way of working pleases me - it seems appropriate to some of my core themes - the dance of randomness with order - the organic unfolding of meaning - the blending of ambiguity and clarity - and the pursuit of open connections rather than a fixed coherence.

Anyone who is interested can find some additional context here


Rising Fossil (Watercolour Collage)

20150924_195746-cropped copy.jpg

Bound Whelk (Oil and String)

20150924_210750-500 copy.jpg

Blue Strait (Watercolour and Laser Print Collage)