"I am trying to explore how I view the world. I Walk. I Look. I Read. Perception is everything. How I look and make judgements on what I see, and consequently how I present those judgements through a painting. It is my intention to create an ambiguity, which leaves you to discover - one that holds a whole manner of possibilities. I engage in artistic experimentation through scale, line, colour, space and painting application. Delving into a spirited, and somewhat complex, search for an experience that holds the potential to open a metaphorical gateway into the liminal. To create space, or silence, which ultimately encourages an examination into self.
I am intrigued by the act of repetition, which morphs into a routine that can eventually be completed without any conscious thought. It becomes automatic. It is here that there is room for thought, but also room for switching off and thinking of nothing aside from the action."