From flesh to stone,

to bark, to star, to water, to feather,

to scale, to petal.

From skin to fur.

Ovid's "Metamorphoses" explores change in all its forms. As punishment or reward, as escape or sanctuary, in grief and in joy. Change can be voluntary or involuntary, it can be permanent or temporary but the end result is the realisation that existence is in flux and we, ourselves, live in an ever-changing universe. The scope of Ovid's vision is vast and has been a source of inspiration for artists throughout history.

Powell and McKerr have chosen to approach this material in a series of paintings, drawings, monoprints and mixed media pieces which not only revel in the wide array of mythical imagery available but suggest that a more personal and contemporary reading of these myths may be appropriate and that the tales are a useful way of examining complex human emotions and experiences in all their contradictory extremes by being relevant to the world we inhabit today.