The journey from past to present

This Exhibition “The journey from past to present” is a way of exploring my artistic life. I am best known in northern Ireland as a printmaker, but I often explore my ideas first in one medium, then another. Linocut can show an idea form one point of view, bold and stark lines clearly delineation a form.The point of view changes with the subtler lines and delicate shadows of etching, and changes again with swathes of colour in painting or drawing. Each form brings a new truth to light that does not contradict the former.  By the time I have worked my way over all these mediums my ideas have revealed all their varied aspects.

I have included in this show  some  of my earliest work , painstakingly hand drawn on card, some linocuts and etchings, and a few paintings, all done in the last year or so.  These, I hope, will give an indication of how my thoughts on life, love, religion, death and trying to live well in this world have grown and changed over the years- My journey from past to present.


Image courtesy of the artist