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Play Record Rewind examines a diverse array of concepts realised through multi-media. Each of the ten artists were asked to partake due to his/her individual approach in working with the medium. No theme has been imposed on the artists providing a diverse melting pot of approaches produced from analogue tape through to HD video.

Adrian O'Connell has produced a video that gives a really good feel for the work in the show - you can view the video on Vimeo by clicking here.

Cora Cummins

Green pool (film still)-750px.jpg

Green Pool (2014) Video still – Courtesy of the artist

Cora Cummins is an artist who also lectures on the BA in Visual Arts Practice at IADT Dun Laoghaire and is the course co-ordinator. Originally from Carlow she graduated from DIT in 1995 and received an MA in Fine Art from NCAD in 2003

Cummins's work broadly focuses on zones within the environment that are cut off from their surroundings by their own sets of rules and functions. In particular, the artist is interested in spaces of isolation, retreat and contemplation – locations as various as gardens, fairgrounds, huts, submarines, tree-houses; and all kinds of temporary communities and encampments. These are places the artist considers to be metaphorically or sometimes literally, kinds of islands

Her recent body of work 'The Black Rose, The Green Pool and Blue Sky' merged references to local places, histories and memories – both public and personal, with the artist's ongoing interest in how we perceive and define the landscape.

Cora works across a number of mediums – printmaking, video, sculpture and publications. Exhibitions include 'The Green Pool, The Black Rose and The Blue Sky' (Visual Carlow 2013) 'Means of Escape' (The Lab, Dublin April 2008); 'A Thousand Islands in the Sea' (The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon July 2006); "Retreat' (Dunamaise Art Centre 2009) , 'Himmel und Holle' (Galway Arts Centre 2010). 'Someplace Somewhere' (2004);'Halved Hill' (2002); 'Various Fields' (2000) Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin. She is also co-founder of the publication project The Fold.

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Lynda Devenney



Liminal Space - Video Still – Courtesy of the artist

Lynda Devenney is a Dublin based artist whose practice explores the built environment and navigates the discourse of architectural spaces, utilising a multidisciplinary approach that explores architecture, urbanism, narrative, history and social space. Her works often take on hybrid forms such as video, installation and sculptural objects exploring the built environment and its relationship to the spatial sense of self and time.

Devenney completed a Masters in Art from National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 2005. Since then she has been an assistant lecturer in Visual Arts Practice at the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology. Exhibitions include Concrete Consciousness in Ballina Arts Centre [2011] Transference Monstertruck Gallery [2011], Force Majeure in The Lab [2009] Reading the city Ev+a, [2009] She was a member and board member of the Black Church Print Studio during 2001 - 2010. She was awarded a project studio at Temple Bar Gallery & Studio in 2010 and a Visual Arts Bursary from The Arts Council in 2010 and 2011.

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Ian Hannon

Ian H image-750px.jpg

TRY_LOW_BYTE - Video Still – Courtesy of the artist

Ian Hannon, born 1965 in Dublin, longs for the carefree days of the Palaeozoic era.

TRY_LOW_BYTE  explores a day of toil and play in a late Devonian workers paradise. They didn’t know it at the time, but the Trilobites would only last another 110 million years

Anthony Kelly


Phonomnesis (2012-2014) - Image courtesy of the artist

Anthony Kelly is a sound and visual artist from Dublin, Ireland. His practice includes painting, drawing, field recording, sculpture, sound installation, film/video, and improvised sound performance. Although diverse in construction, his work chiefly concentrates on the shifting and fragmentary nature of sensory experience. To explore this he uses the discarded or overlooked aspects of the world around us which he enlarges and amplifies to create his work. His work has been exhibited exhibited widely in Ireland and abroad. Recent projects and exhibitions include: A Sound Map of Dún Laoghaire; The Soft Wave, The Drawing Project, IADT Dún Laoghaire; Blue Monday, MART, Dublin; Unforeseen, RHA Gallery & The Joinery, Dublin; and Cold Wave, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork. Anthony maintains an ongoing collaboration with David Stalling. He is artistic co-director of the Hilltown New Music Festival since 2009 and is a member of Projector Collective and Solus Film Collective.

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Tim Lloyd


Ground Level - Video still - courtesy of the artist.

In my work I am concerned with generating a sense of event, with performance-based investigations at the forefront of my practice.  I choreograph playful and inventive actions and activities for purpose of documenting them to video.

In “Ground Level” I have utilized a simple camera trick and a not so simple upside down man over as a way to create an uncanny visual situation.  The resulting work humorously provokes a re-evaluation of location and questions our understanding of how we perceive and make sense of the world around us.

Born in London in 1968, Lloyd lives and works in Dublin.  He studied at Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology followed by an MA in Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin.  He is a part-time Associate Lecturer at IADT and was a board member of Visual Artists Ireland from 2004-14. This is the first showing of new work by Lloyd in five years.


Shane McCormack

Shane McCormack-750px.jpg

The Hotel - Video still – Courtesy of the artist

My practice is lens based using photography and video to explore the silent atmosphere of places. I depict the physical qualities and their emotional impact on us as we pass through them, reflecting the loneliness and alienation often felt in these environments. What I don’t show is just as important as what I do. 

Absence and loss are themes that feature often in my work. The complex relationship between photographer and viewer has also inspired my work. I’m interested in themes that involve a thought provoking exchange between the viewer and the image. “The Hotel” is an exploration of a place to build up a portrait of it and the inhabitants. A hotel, by its nature, is location that people come and go for a short while. This transitory characteristic is used as a metaphor for our lives. Using the camera and the juxtaposition between still and moving image I examine and document the environment to get a sense of place, past and present. My work offers the viewer a moment to stop and reflect on the image, focusing on light and shadow, to draw upon emotions in the viewer similar to how I paused and considered the space.

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Conor McFeely

prisoners cinema-750px.jpg

The Prisoners Cinema. (Sequence # 3) - Video still – Courtesy of the artist

Conor McFeely was born in Derry N.Ireland, where he  now lives and works. He has  exhibited widely both nationally and internationally. His exhibitions include “Disclaimer”, Orchard Gallery Derry 1997, (solo). “Ink Mathematics”, The Mappin Gallery, Sheffield (solo). “Headfirst”, OBG Gallery Belfast 2003, (solo).The British Art Show 5, Hayward Gallery London, touring Edinburgh, Southampton, Cardiff and Birmingham 2000-2001. “Small Steps, The Elipse Gallery,Washington DC, 2001. “Something Else”, Contemporary Art from Ireland, touring Turku, Helsinki, Ouulu, Joensuu Finland, 2003. “Hidden Dips” MCAC Portadown 2005 (solo). “Dogs Have No Religion” Czech Museum of Fine Art Prague, 2006. He is a recipient of The Curated Visual Arts Award 2007 (curated by Mike Nelson) resulting in two major solo shows of new work called “The Case of the Midwife Toad (the unrepeatable experiment)” in The Douglas Hyde Gallery Dublin 2007 and at Void, Derry 2008, and “The Testing Rooms/Smashing Forms” a site specific audio and video installation at The Maze Prison 2008 In May 2010 he had a major one person exhibition at The Ormeau Baths gallery Belfast. More recently he has exhibited at NKD Dale Norway and since 2013 has shown four cycles of Weathermen projects at the 126 Gallery Galway, Franklin College Lugano Switzerland and The Golden Thread Gallery Belfast and also at Artlink, Donegal as part of the Resistance and Rebellion Project. He is exhibiting at Corner College Gallery, Zurich 2015. He is also a member of the Void Gallery curatorial board.

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Adrian O'Connell


Corporatocracy (2015) - Video still - courtesy of the artist

Adrian O'Connell was born Derry, N. Ireland, in 1965. He received a B.A. (Hons) in Fine and Applied Art in 1998 from the University of Ulster, and a MFA in 2000 also from the University of Ulster. He has been employed as a Lecturer in Art/Film at IADT (Institute of Art Design and Technology) since 2002. He has exhibited internationally in Berlin, London and New York. He partook in the Sydney Fringe Festival 2011, The Belfast Festival at Queens 2012 and Eva International Biennial of Visual Art 2012.  More recently: Exploring Spaces, 2015 The Braid Museum, Antrim, N. Ireland.

Utilising mixed media, O’Connell creates video and sculptural installations that examine the human condition. The focus of his practice has been in response to the ever-shifting political landscape of local and international affairs, by drawing attention to the effects imposed on society by decisions implemented by government. Whether cultural, social or economical, the aim of the work is to create a means of open debate and exchange, to develop a visual language to map adequately the values underpinning the search for resolution.

His narrative film work, unless specifically made for the purpose of exhibition, shifts firmly into the world of cinema i.e. Nailed (2006) O’Connell’s feature directorial debut. Released and distributed on DVD through Image Entertainment USA (2007) and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Australia (2007).

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Geoffrey Perrin


The Tyranny of Hi-Res - Video still – Courtesy of the artist

Geoffrey Perrin studied Fine Art in Sydney, Australia, at a time of cultural revolution, distracted by the Art School Punk sensibility, he spent the next couple of Decades immersed in music production in America, England, and Europe.

He also managed and co – curated the Nicholson St Gallery in Sydney for 8 yrs.

He has had numerous solo and group shows of paintings and photography, and has spent the last few yrs working on long term, durational based films.

He is Lecturer in Sound Design, and coordinator of the Creative Music Production Course at IADT, trying to navigate the eddies of life.

The Tyranny of Hi-Res is about chance encounters, capturing moments, and the art of the everyday. We live in a world engorged with content, media, and documentation, and we are all Dj's, artists, photographers, and commentators. This film is about seeing a moment, getting a glimpse, finding the unseen.

The film is in fact, the moment a when a well-known, hugely impressive work of graffiti art is lost forever to demolition machines in the backstreets of London.

The soundtrack is composed of samples of Duduk, an Armenian instrument, that has the air of the eternal, and can fill us with loss and sorrow.

Peter Richards


Perimeter - Image courtesy of the artist

Born Cardiff in 1970, Richards has been based in Belfast since 1994 where he works as an artist and curator He completed an M.Phil. ‘Re-presenting Representations of Representations’, at the University of Ulster, Belfast in 1998. Working as a co-director of Catalyst Arts between 1996-8 Richards began sharing his time between a studio practice, and creating contexts and opportunities to work with the works of other artists, a way of working that he continues to this day.

Richards has had numerous solo exhibitions, at venues including: Cornerhouse, Manchester; Model Arts and Niland Gallery, Sligo; Studio Lipoli & Lopez, Rome; Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast; ZDSLU Gallery, Ljubljana; Belfast Exposed; the Old Museum Arts Centre Belfast; and the Naughton Gallery at Queen’s University Belfast. A publication following his most recent solo exhibition Intuitive Actions, Common Attributes and Isolated Incidents at the Millennium Court Art Centre, Portadown is nearing completion and is set to be launched in the summer of 2015. Over the last twenty years Richards has participated in many celebrated group exhibitions including: Voices Travel, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art, Taiwan; Art of the Troubles, Ulster Museum, Belfast; Nearby and Faraway, F.E McWilliam Gallery & Studio, Banbridge; The Nature of Things, la Biennale di Venezia 51; The Belfast Way, Herzelyia Museum, Tel Aviv; L'art dans le monde, Musée d´Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris - MAM/ARC, Paris; Through A Glass Darkly, Het Consortium, Amsterdam; NI gulp, Plug In – ICA Gallery, Winnipeg; New Contemporaries 99, South London Gallery & Liverpool Biennial.